Thursday, March 2, 2017

Different Types of Skiing

When most people talk about skiing, they discuss the sport as if there is a single type of skiing. However, there are actually several types that enthusiasts enjoy, some of the most common of which are discussed below:

- Alpine. Also known as downhill skiing, alpine skiing is one of the most basic types of skiing. It is usually lift-serviced, and the ski runs are well groomed. Alpine skis are generally wider than other types of skis, and the poles are shorter.

- Mogul. Although this is a type of alpine skiing, mogul skiing focuses primarily on skiing over large mounds of snow. Mogul skiers stay extremely focused as they move through the mounds, and they utilize rotary movements instead of traditional carving motions.

- Aerial. Rather than simply skiing down a hill, aerial skiers descend toward a ramped jump. After going off the jump, they perform different twists and somersaults before landing. Aerial skis allow skiers to move backwards and forwards and are not accompanied by poles.

- Backcountry. Typically enjoyed by more experienced skiers, backcountry or all-mountain skiing consists of some of a mountain’s most challenging runs. This type of skiing requires a solid understanding of several technical skills and the use of “fat skis,” which are wide under the foot and at both ends.